Portfolio Management

Our Process

Step 1:

Understanding your financial goals.

With this knowledge, we can begin constructing the framework of your financial plan and the appropriate investment drivers it will take for you to reach your financial goals and objectives.

Our Process

Step 2:

We’ll determine your plan’s time horizon.

As we prioritize your financial goals, we’ll want to ensure your money is working for you when you need it the most. This is one of the most important components of your investment strategy and often misunderstood.

Our Process

Step 3:

Selecting a benchmark.

As a part of our investment approach, this process enables us to construct your portfolio’s framework and is used to assess your portfolio’s allocation, risk, and return.

Our Process

Step 4:

Determining our recommended Asset Allocation.

We’ll assess your benchmark’s constituents and assign the portfolio’s expected risk and return. This process includes the sub-asset allocation for which categories of stocks and bonds are underscored. Categories may include but are not limited to various market cap, sector, or regional securities.

Our Process

Step 5:

Acknowledge that capital markets are non-linear, so remain disciplined.

No one has ever had a crystal ball predicting the near-term movement of the capital markets. By remaining disciplined, we apply data-driven and time-tested protocols to potentially minimize downturns should our market outlook prove inexact.

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