Special Needs Financial Planning

Guiding Special Needs Families Toward a Secure Financial Future with Peace of Mind

Secure Your Loved One’s Financial Future and Well-Being

At Maxiam Capital, we understand the unique financial challenges families with special needs members face. Guided by a Private Wealth Advisor with a Chartered Special Needs Consultant designation, we meticulously craft personalized financial plans to align with the distinct circumstances and aspirations of individuals with special needs.

Life is in a constant state of flux, as are the needs of your loved ones, and your financial strategy for special needs must be versatile enough to adapt. At Maxiam Capital, we’re dedicated to forging dynamic financial blueprints that serve as adaptable frameworks, evolving with your family’s shifting necessities and conditions. Be it changes in public benefits, breakthroughs in medical treatments, or a reshaping of your personal ambitions, our committed team stands ready to collaborate closely with you, recalibrating your financial strategy to ensure alignment with your objectives.

Prioritizing Special Needs in Wealth Management

Maxiam Capital is ready to assist with a personalized special needs financial plan tailored to your circumstances. With our devoted team by your side, we’ll simplify your financial journey and lay the foundation for a secure future for you and your loved ones. Let’s dive into the essential parts of our planning approach:


Investment Management
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Social Security and Public Benefits Planning
Letter of Intent and IEPs
Risk Management
Strategic Tax Planning
Education Planning

Expert-Driven Planning

Guidance Through a Holistic Approach

Creating a secure financial future for a loved one with special needs demands a personalized and strategic approach. To ensure you receive the proper support, we have incorporated a comprehensive framework for special needs planning into every stage of our financial planning process. Accredited with the Chartered Special Needs Consultant designation, your Private Wealth Advisor will collaborate with you, understanding your loved one’s unique needs and aspirations. Together, we’ll craft a financial plan focused on their long-term security and well-being.

Additional Resources

Special Needs Financial Planning Checklist

Navigating the financial planning process for individuals with special needs can be challenging. Our checklist gives families, caregivers, and experts a helpful kickstart. This guide simplifies things by listing key care points, what steps to take, and highlighting extra resources to consider.

Additional Resources

Letter of Intent

A letter of intent is a document that outlines a person’s plans and goals for their child with special needs. It is typically used to inform future caregivers, schools, healthcare providers, and other organizations about the child’s needs and how they will be met. It can also be used to express your wishes for your child’s future, such as where you hope they will live, work, and receive services. It is also a way to advocate for your child’s personal preferences and wishes.

Additional Resources

ABLE Accounts

The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act of 2014 allows states to create tax-advantaged savings programs for eligible people with disabilities (designated beneficiaries). Funds from these 529A ABLE accounts can help designated beneficiaries pay for qualified disability expenses. In addition, distributions are tax-free if used for qualified disability expenses. The ABLE National Resource Center offers additional information individuals and families can find helpful.

Special Needs Financial Planning

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