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Personalized and Disciplined Wealth Management


At Maxiam Capital, we understand the critical role money plays in securing your financial future and fulfilling your aspirations. Unfortunately, many financial advisors rely on automated tools and pre-packaged financial plans. But this cookie-cutter approach can fall short when faced with unpredictable market shifts or life events. That’s why we offer tailored solutions to help you navigate life’s challenges confidently.

As a fee-only fiduciary, our allegiance is exclusive to you and your financial success. We receive no commissions and always prioritize your interests above all else.

At Maxiam Capital, our custom-tailor approach ensures that your unique financial situation is always considered and protected. Here’s what that looks like:

  • We provide proactive, thorough financial planning to help you prepare for the future and address opportunities and unforeseen risks.
  • You’ll get full-service financial advice, including estate and tax planning, plus help with education planning, elder care, Social Security, Medicare, and more.
  • Instead of just putting your money in ETFs or mutual funds, you’ll get direct investment management. That way, you’ll have full transparency in your investments and direct access to your portfolio manager.
  • Our services include financial literacy education for you and your family to help ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.

Special Needs Families

More Clarity and Confidence with Full-Service Special Needs Planning


At Maxiam Capital, we understand the unique joys and challenges of having a special needs family member. With an experienced Chartered Special Needs Consultant leading the team, we help you strategize for tomorrow while taking comfort in having a personalized plan today.

We take into account the heightened issues you face since we’ve experienced them too. We combine personalized wealth management with a full-service approach so you can feel supported and confident.

  • We act as a single point of contact to simplify your life and reduce demands on your time.
  • Our comprehensive special needs planning helps ensure you have the clarity you need today and in the future.
  • Our direct investment management helps you minimize management costs, keeping more of your money working for you.
  • Our services include financial literacy education for family members to ensure everyone understands what is needed to protect wealth.

Small Business Owners & Executives

Disciplined, Customized Wealth Management


When you’re busy building your company, finding time to focus on your personal finances can be challenging. Unfortunately, avoiding financial planning can make business owners vulnerable to business or economic downturns. At Maxiam Capital, we can help you develop a plan to secure your financial future and diversify your personal assets away from your business and industry. The goal? To help you attain financial independence, so you can maintain your desired lifestyle regardless of what happens to your business.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter wealth management. Instead, everything we do is personalized to your specific needs.

  • Our comprehensive financial planning is goal-driven, so we can help you identify opportunities, shore up vulnerabilities and achieve your goals.
  • Along with supporting you, we offer family educational programs, so your children understand the principles for building and retaining family wealth.
  • We also serve as an objective and supportive third party for family businesses, which can go a long way in smoothing out personal dynamics.
  • Getting ready to sell your business? We can also help you find the best way to structure a sale so you can save taxes.

At Maxiam Capital, we prioritize your financial success above all else. As your fiduciary, we act solely in your best interest in every situation. And, as a fee-only firm, we earn our income solely through client fees, never through product sales or commissions.

Client Perspectives

At Maxiam Capital, we believe in creating tailored solutions for each one of our clients. Of course, no two situations are alike, which is why we take the time to understand your financial and life goals that are unique to you. However, despite the differences, we’ve noticed a common thread. Many of our clients share similar needs and concerns. That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of illustrative examples we call “Client Perspectives.” These examples showcase the diverse financial journeys of those we’ve helped, and we hope they will offer inspiration as you prepare for your own financial future.

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